Gift Shop

The Eden Camp gift shop is the perfect place to find souvenirs, gifts and toys for a lasting memory of your visit to the museum.

We have an extensive range of reproduction posters, including front page of wartime newspapers, as well as reproduction ration books and ID cards… all ideal for creating an authentic WWII display, whether in a classroom or for a themed function. In addition to the reproduction items we also stock a selection of music CD’s featuring the stars of the 1940’s which are ideal for background music and creating an appropriate WWII atmosphere.

Our shop also contains a book section, where both fiction and non-fiction titles, on all topics of WWII as well as WWI and post-WWII conflicts can be found. We have a good range of educational books aimed at KS2 aged children. We also stock our own Eden Camp Book, which as well as providing an insight into the history of Eden Camp when it was used as a Prisoner of War camp, also contains the story of how Stan Johnson MBE developed it into one of the largest museums of its kind in the world.

We do not currently have the facilities to accept online orders, however mail order can be arranged over the phone by contacting our Reception Office: Tel 01653 697777.