Posted on 26th October 2018

Display Board Updates

This week the latest batch of display boards went out for public viewing into Hut 25.

We’ve taken on the mammoth task of updating and digitising every single display board throughout the museum. The work is being carried out ‘in house’ by our archive team and though it’s a long process, that’s now four display huts completed and two more in the pipeline. Only 20 or so huts to go!

The process of renewing the boards gives us the chance to dig into the wealth of material in our archive and get on display some of the personal accounts, photographs, maps and newspapers that have been donated by our visitors over the years.

The addition of a quick bullet point breakdown of the information on every display board, which we’ve called ‘Operation Overview’, allows visitors to get a quick snapshot of each display and is proving popular. ‘Operation Overview’ also makes the displays much more accessible for our younger visitors.