New hut takes shape…

Posted on 17th December 2018

This time of year may be quieter in terms of visitors to the museum, but the staff are busier than ever!

As well as the day to day running of the site there’s Christmas dinners for visiting groups to be made, displays to be updated and cleaned, and some of the larger maintenance jobs to be done that can only be carried out when there’s not many visitors about.

So far this winter we’ve sand blasted and painted our IDF M50 Super Sherman tank (the only one in the country) and carried out a much needed refurbishment of the back end of Hut 3 – The U-boat, all ready for the new display boards that are going on display in the new year.

The big winter project has been the building of a brand new barn style hut. There’s still a way to go but when the hut is finished it will be primarily be used as a garage to house our recently acquired Ferret armoured car and Land Rover, but also as a multi-purpose space that we may look to hold events in.

*Update* – As if all that’s not enough, after nearly 20 years our M16 Half-track is up and running and on her way to begin the restoration process. There’ll be lots of updates to follow so make sure you’re following us on Facebook.