Mess Hut One - Royal Naval Patrol Service

Mess Hut One – Royal Naval Patrol Service & War in Miniature Model Displays

The R.N.P.S. was responsible for the defence of the ‘narrow seas’ of Britain’s home waters. Drawn mainly from the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (R.N.V.R.) the R.N.P.S. recruited fishermen and other professional seamen as well as many that had never set foot aboard a ship. The force became known as ‘Harry Tate’s Navy’ after the comedian who was constantly confused by modern technology.

The importance of the R.N.P.S. was, however, recognised by the German command. As a consequence there were only 28 days during the Second World War when Lowestoft did not face an air raid of some kind. The R.N.P.S. lost more ships than any other branch of the Navy.

In addition to being a display hut, this hut is allocated to schools for packed lunches during term time or can be used as an indoor picnic eating area.