Hut Six - The Eden Camp Music Hall

Hut 6 – The Eden Camp Music Hall

That’s Entertainment

It’s That Man Again! and its catchy signature tune was a war-time institution. Every Tuesday night people tuned in and forgot their problems as Tommy Handley and his team turned the war into a huge joke. In occupied countries people risked imprisonment or death by switching on secret radio sets just to listen to ITMA.

Entertainments National Service Association

Set up on the outbreak of war by theatrical producer Basil Dean, the purpose of ENSA. was to provide professional entertainment for service people at their bases. Later, with strong encouragement from Ernest Bevin the minister of Labour, this was extended to providing entertainment for civilians at their workplace. The entertainment took place in the canteens at break time. The quality was variable and was sometimes to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Eden Camp Music Hall

Sing along with Vera Lynn, George Formby and other famous stars of the 40s. Eden Camp Music Hall shows a typical wartime production with a difference. The characters are actually puppets. Puppet shows last for approximately 20 minutes and are shown many times daily and can be arranged for schools and other large groups on arrival. At other times performances are available to the general public.