Hut Seven - The Street at War

Hut 7 – The Street at War

The Street at War

As war began to lay its gloomy hand over Britain’s high streets, the shop windows began to reflect the restrictions. Though for a time things remained fairly normal, some goods gradually became difficult to find and were, in most cases, only available if you had the proper coupons to exchange as well as the money.

Introduction of ‘Utility’

The introduction of ‘Utility’ during the war applied to clothes, furniture, household utensils and clothing. Its principal was standardisation, the greatest possible economy of materials and it had the benefit of good plain design, often by leading designers.

Produce of Wartime

The six years of the Second World War were an extraordinary period for society at the time. These years also provided a watershed for many aspects of the Social Structure of Britain. Nowhere was this easier to discover than in people’s diets.

The Children’s War

What was it like to be a child in Britain during the Second World War? To be ‘bombed out’ of your home, to experience the terror of the ‘doodlebugs’ or to be evacuated to a remote part of the country and billeted with strangers.