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Since Eden Camp opened to the public as a museum in 1987, our visitors have been donating items to our archive which has continued to grow into a collection of national historical importance. In order to make this valuable resource open to the public and thanks to funding from the government’s #hereforculture Cultural Recovery Fund, we have begun the long process of making it available online. We’ve started with documents relating to the museum’s time as a prisoner of war camp but we’re adding new material every week on a wide variety of topics, so keep checking back for more.

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WW1 Death Plaque commemorating Fred Pye. Likely 241204 Rifleman Fred Pye. 2nd/5th Bn South Lancashire Regiment; 77920
A.R.P leaflet - "A Simple and Complete Guide to Safeguard You Against Poison Gas"; 1760
Civil Defence information leaflet no: 4 - "Your Food in War-time" - July 1939; 1/07/1939; 1774
Christmas card - "Greetings from MEF" - Middle East Forces; 2072
Royal Navy boarding card - unidentified R.N. vessel - A/B Ernest Makepeace; 2509
R.A.F. form 1256F - flight message to passengers from R.A.F. transport command navigator on flight to Kuala Lumpur - (photocopies in hut 9); 2687
Letter concerning stay at Eden Camp; 3491
Instruction leaflet - indicating the correct way to hold a Carrier pigeon & attach a container to its leg - plus photocopy; 3809
Army book 481B - "Pigeon service message book" - plus photocopy of front page; 3810
German sailor's service & paybook "Soldbuch" - Arno Kuhl - 22/04/1943 - with photocopy of inside cover; 22/04/1943; 3855
National registration identity card - Edith A. Ruston - Malton - 23/05/1940; 23/05/1940; 5155
National registration identity card - Mabel A. Baker - Leeds - 13/05/1943; 13/05/1943; 5166
German P.O.W. camp money(9) - 10 Reichspfennigs in value - paid to Allied P.O.W.'s for work; 5121
National registration identity card (with endorsement) - George W. Wallis - Middlesbrough - 25/09/1940; 25/09/1940; 5213
R.A.F. form 2520A - R.A.F. service & release book (blue) - L.A.C. "L.A. Sargent" 1631182 - 31/08/1942 to 07/01/1946; 31/08/1942; 5232
German P.O.W. record card (damaged) - Polish P.O.W. no: JGF 2923144; 5238
Civil Defence information leaflet no: 4 - "Your food in war-time" - July 1939; 1/07/1939; 5266
Civil Defence information leaflet no: 3 - "Evacuation - why and how ?" - July 1939; 1/07/1939; 5265
Royal Navy release documents (4) - seaman R.W. Godber Lt/JX 211269 Royal Navy - 10/01/1945; 10/01/1945; 5318
Envelope - addressed to P.O.W. Roth Wilhelm - Eden Camp - Old Malton - from Romania; 5340
German leaflet - "Wir fahren gegen Engelland" - printed in German French & Dutch - instructions for the invasion of England; 5354
Christmas card - of type sent by British P.O.W.'s in Germany; 5365
Manuscript lists (2) - purported to be list of German POW's in hut 33 at Eden Camp - Old Malton; 5381
German P.O.W. manuscript notebook - possibly from P.O.W. Camp 83 - Old Malton; 5385

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