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Since Eden Camp opened to the public as a museum in 1987, our visitors have been donating items to our archive which has continued to grow into a collection of national historical importance. In order to make this valuable resource open to the public and thanks to funding from the government’s #hereforculture Cultural Recovery Fund, we have begun the long process of making it available online. We’ve started with documents relating to the museum’s time as a prisoner of war camp but we’re adding new material every week on a wide variety of topics, so keep checking back for more.

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Autograph card with photograph of "R.M.S. Samaria" - homeward bound from Durban to Liverpool - 31/03/1946; 31/03/1946; 1765
Photographs (4) & letter - Eden Camp when used by displaced persons - circa 1948 or 1949 - Ukrainian men and woman - warden and managers daughter - model castle built by German POWs ; 1/01/1948; 1993
Fieldpost postcard from Franz Glanz to family Leopold Glanz 11/03/1943. concerned about family Allied bombing Munich 09/03/1943. in German with English translation. Franz Glanz a POW at Eden Camp; 71515
Fieldpost no 40889 postcard from uffz Franz Glanz to family Leopold Glanz 21/03/1943. postcard mentions receipt of packages, his accommodation,his cat & oaken dresser. in German with English translation. Franz Glanz a POW at Eden Camp.; 71516
Handwritten letter from Franz Glanz to his parents 01/08/1943 Eastern front. he believes war has reached its climax. in German with English translation. Franz Glanz a POW at Eden Camp.; 71518
Postcard of a painting by Wilhelm Feldmann sent by fieldpost from Franz Glanz to parents 15/08/1943. in German with English translation. Franz Glanz a POW at Eden Camp.; 71519
Handwritten letter dated 05/09/1943 from Franz Glanz to his parents. sent by fieldpost from Eastern front. in German with English translation. Franz Glanz a POW at Eden Camp.; 71520
Copy POW letters , written by former inmate of camp 250 (Eden Camp), Georg Preiss, who was a P.O.W at Eden Camp in 1947/1948; 51910
Letter concerning stay at Eden Camp; 3491
Info on Eden Camp P.O.W's work in York. Steinbuck Kempa. Lionemann Wicger, Enke, Fiebig, Written by J.M Shaw, a record of his memories. ; 63234
Photocopy of a report on hostel: Norton-Grove, Old Malton. from 24th April 1947. POWs at Eden Camp/Old Malton. Red Cross (ICRC); 64030
2 Photographs of German prisoners from Eden Camp - 1 group and 1 portrait (see also 18781 for copy) 1st photo of Andreas Ertl see 33097; 58492
German P.O.W. record card - Michael Vormittag - Rumanian - Dob 17/09/1919; 6638
German P.O.W. record card - Andreas Waadt - Rumanian - Dob 07/10/1914; 6639
German P.O.W. record card - Anton Wallitschek - Rumanian - Dob 12/09/1916; 6641
German P.O.W. record card - Arpat Tuth - Rumanian - Dob 15/10/1922; 6635
German P.O.W. record card - Christian Umbrich - Rumanian - Dob 25/12/1917; 6636
German P.O.W. record card - Karl Wirth - German - Dob 22/09/1907; 6644
German P.O.W. record card - Martin Zeitvogel - Rumanian - Dob 20/01/1910; 6645
German P.O.W. record card - Heinrich Geistlinger - German - Dob 26/08/1902; 6647
German P.O.W. record card - Johannes Schumann - German - Dob 03/10/1900; 6649
German P.O.W. record card - Otto Gehring - German - Dob 23/03/1925; 6651
German P.O.W. record card - Georg Welter - Rumanian - Dob 26/07/1909; 6642
German Eden Camp P.O.W. record card - Albert Bauer - German - Dob 20/03/1924; 6568

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