Half Term Wartime Fun and Games

Sat. 26th May to Sun. 3rd June Posted on 5th December 2016

During the Half Term holidays we shall be introducing our younger visitors to a wide range of traditional toys and games.

Visitors both young and old will be able to try their hand at Hopscotch, Hoopla and Hula Hoop, Skipping, Skittles and Statues, Quoits, Marbles and Pitching Pennies and find out about other traditional games such as Red Rover Red Rover, Kick the Can and Knock Down Ginger.

There will also be daily presentations on how the war had an effect on the manufacturing of toys and games, and how they were even used to help Prisoners of War escape.

Some outdoor events or activities may be affected by the weather. We advise that you contact the museum nearer the time of any event to receive confirmation, admission prices and further details contact us.